Gun Choi

President of Spine Academy

Welcome to Spine Academy.

Spine Academy is a platform dedicated to a deep understanding and empathy for spinal treatment, as well as innovative technologies to make the process safer and more efficient.
Combining decades of experience as spine disorder specialists with the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to contribute to the safety and effectiveness of spinal treatment.

Through Spine Academy, we aim to gain experience with various cases of spinal disorders, deeply understand each stage of the treatment process,
and assist in learning more accurate and effective treatment methods.
This goes beyond simply educating spine doctors; it is an effort towards a greater goal of pursuing spinal health and happiness in our society.
We consider it a crucial mission to help patients receive the best medical services and strive to lead innovation in the field of spinal surgery.

Spine Academy offers real-time educational programs, high-quality artificial intelligence training platforms, and in-depth information on spinal health.
Join us in shaping the future of spinal health on this journey with Spine Academy.

Thank you.

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Spine Academy Leadership

With their profound knowledge and extensive experience, these world-class experts are dedicated
to relieving modern individuals from spinal pain, showcasing their strong leadership in the field.